The Midterm Incident

The Story

The curse of the misplaced comma! Jeremy must thwart both his professor and his beautiful nemesis Jessica to swap out his midterm in this hilarious spoof of action thrillers. Will Jeremy be successful? Probably. Will he and Jessica find love amongst the dangers in the professor’s office? Kinda seems likely. Will you laugh out loud? Yes, you will.


Director’s Statement

 “The Midterm, Incident” started as a simple in-class project for my editing students to work on, and became much, much more. We were so happy with how the footage turned out that I had one of my students complete an edit, then got the UCA Jazz Band to play the awesome score written by Paul Dickinson. Every step was just a fun time, and I think the proof is in the pudding – we ended up with a really fun film that I hope everyone enjoys!

Cast / Crew List


David Plummer as Jeremy

Rachael Small as Jessica

Chris Fritzges as Prof Lynch



Joe Dull:  Writer / director

Katiina Dull: Producer

Lyle Arnett:  Director of Photography

Jason Miller:  Editor / Sound Design

Paul Dickinson:  Composer

Jordan Anderson:  First Asst Director

Avery Moorehead:  Gaffer

Chloe Smith:  Set Designer

Jason Miller:  Prod Sound Mixer

Terence Rose:  Boom Operator

Michael Buckner:  Sound Editor

Chris Beggs:  Script Supervisor

Randy Randolph:  Grip

Dominique D’Autueli: Grip