Starring: Rachel Miller

Starring: Rachel Miller Trailer from daringly Dull productions on Vimeo.

The Story

This hybrid Documentary / Musical is the story of Rachel Miller, a walking paraplegic who, though she can’t feel her legs, is able to walk, dance, and sing.

Rachel fell three stories while performing, and through a miracle of nature and determination, she taught herself to walk again. Though most days you can’t tell, she’s classified as a paraplegic.

The documentary is a behind the scenes look at the making of the film musical written for Rachel by the director, and it’s combined with the musical itself. Filming the musical takes its toll on Rachel’s health, and on her friendship with the director. But, as in any good musical, it all works out in the end.


Director’s Statement

 “Starring: Rachel Miller” has been a long time coming for me. Though it was meant to be shot over a summer in 2003, and edited over the next year, eight years, a move from Southern California to New York, then Arkansas, a marriage, and a newborn later, and the film is complete! Originally intended to be a story about my good friend who overcame a terrible tragedy, it became that story and so much more, testing our friendship as I drove her harder than I should have in making this film.

 Rachel’s story is exactly the kind of story I live to tell – she’s overcome so much with such an amazing attitude. She’s a constant inspiration to me and to anyone. You meet her for a minute and you think you’ve known her for a lifetime. This film is, of course, dedicated to her.

 And I’m going to get her back on stage in front of an audience if it’s the last thing I do!

Cast / Crew List



Rachel:  Rachel Miller

Fred:  Heath McCall

Beverly:  Becky Phelps

Jameson:  Robert Kokol


Musical Production Crew

Writer / Director:  Joe Dull

Producer:  Zack Fox

Assoc Producer:  Rachel Karten

Assoc Producer:  Hillary Cook

Choreographer:  John Kerr

Asst. Choreography:  Shannon Acrum

Music:  Darin Presley

Sean Hunt:  Set Designer

Cinematographers:  Joe Dickerson, Cadi Stevens, Ryan Boone

Animation:  Kat Kosmala

Costume Design:  Amy Huntington

Makeup:  Jennifer Lutz

Original Music Composed and Arranged by Darin Presley

“Turn up the Spotlight” from the Musical “Nunsense”

written by Dan Goggin

used by permission of the artist


Documentary Crew

Brian Swanson

Kyle Klutz

Alan Harper

Danny Roew

Jaclyn Austin

Sarah Ann Van Breen


Post-Production Crew

Sound Design:  Jason Miller

Sound Editor:  Matt Rivetti

Color Correction:  Jonathan Childs

Assistant Editor:  Andrew Benson

Visual FX:  Scott Meador