Sympathy Pains

When amateur comedian Danny finds out his wife is pregnant (surprise!), he can’t stop throwing up. Fighting a battle between his impending family and his rising comedy career, he chooses both and succeeds at neither.

"Starring: Rachel Miller"

This hybrid Documentary / Musical is the story of Rachel Miller, a walking paraplegic who, though she can't feel her legs, is able to walk, dance, and sing.

The Proposal

Daniel's never had a lot of luck with women, so when he asks one-year-old Emma for permission to marry her mommy, he needs it to go well. It doesn't.

Table at Luigi's

Full of food, fantasy, and romance, "Table at Luigi's" is a fairy tale about David, a chef who can cook living dreams. But his dream world breaks apart when he falls in love with Emily, who isn’t affected by his magic.

"The world needs stories to make it a better place. And if I can help get more stories out there, then I’m actively making the world better. That’s important. That’s what I do." Joe Dull